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Venice hotels near train station

Finding a right hotel in Venice can be difficult:

City is a maze of canals and bridges.

In case that you want to stay close to train station and save some time this post will answer all your questions and give you links to best hotels within walking distance to train station.

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4 star hotels near Santa Lucia train station

3 star hotels near Santa Lucia train station

This post covers hotels close to Venice train station. Venice has 2 train stations, Mestre ( mainland ) and Santa Lucia ( Venice city center).

This post will cover hotels in vicinity of Santa Lucia train station. Santa Lucia is the main train station and is located in Venice city center.

Most hotels listed here are easy to reach and get very good reviews.  What are the main reasons to choose a hotel close to train station?

  • They are easy to reach if you are arriving by train
  • They are easy to reach from Piazzale Roma
  • You don’t have to carry heavy luggage over many bridges
  • Area around Santa Lucia station is quite pleasant ( unusual for area around big train station but Venice is not your typical city).


Venice Santa Lucia train station is located in Venice historic center directly on Grand Canal in Cannaregio district. Venice has 6 historic districts. If you want to learn more about different areas of Venice read this post: Where to stay in Venice.

Venice has other train station Mestre ( located  on mainland in industrial suburb Mestre).


Venice is a safe city and area around train station is safe. It is also very convenient area to stay in  because of vicinity of Piazzale Roma ( main bus terminal and car park). Venice is not a big city and you can walk from Cannaregio to most places in Venice, you can also catch Vaporetto on Grand Canal.


Tourists usually choose this area because of convenience ( very easy to reach if you are arriving by train and you don’t have to drag your luggage over many bridges). This is the reason why most popular hotels in this area are located on Terra Lista di Spagna.

Lista di Spagna is colourful street which connects the train station with St. Mark’s Square. It is one of the most important pedestrian streets in Venice, it dates back to 1844 when it was built  on top of Rio dei Sabbioni.

Lista di Spagna is very convenient hotel location because of few reasons:

  • You don’t have to cross any bridge from Santa Lucia train station
  • Extremely close to train station ( just turn left on exit)
  • It connects train station with St. Mark’s Square ( it will take you directly to city center and it is easy to find it).