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Venice Airport Marco Polo location

Venice Airport Marco Polo location with Venice city center


This is the ultimate guide to Venice Airport Marco Polo and also guide to other airports which you can use to access Venice.

Venice is probably one of the best choices to fly to if you are travelling trough Italy for several weeks.

What is the name of main airport in Venice and where is it located?

Marco Polo (VCE) is the international airport of Venice, it is located on the edge of the  lagoon. Marco Polo Airport is very close to Venice city center and there are several ways how you can get to Venice city centre quickly.

 How far is Venice airport from the city?

Venice Marco Polo Airport is located roughly 7 kilometers from the city. For the exact location check out the map.

How far is Venice airport from the train station?

The airport is roughly 20-25 minutes away from Venezia Mestre train station.

How to get from Venice airport to Mestre train station?

There are 3 main ways to get fro Marco Polo Airport to Mestre train station:

  • Bus
  • Taxy
  • Chauffeured car service


If you want to get to Mestre train station from Marco Polo airport use ACTV bus line 15.

You can also use ATVO FLY bus shuttle.

We recommend using ATVO shuttles. ATVO shuttles offer direct connections to Venice without stops.


In case if you want to use taxy to get to Venice from Marco Polo airport you can use Cooperativa Artigiana Radiotaxy.

You can book taxy using these numbers: Tel. +39 041 5952080 (24-hour service).


There are several companies offering chauffeured car service at airport.

For a full list click here.


How to get from Venice airport to Santa Lucia train station?

You can go to Santa Lucia train station in following way:


Use ACTV line 5.



Cooperativa Artigiana Radiotaxy.


For a full list click here.

How to get from Venice airport to Venice?

Best way to go from Venice Marco Polo airport to Venice city center is by water, using Alliguna Ferries or private water taxi.

How to reach dock area from Venice airport?

Dock area for boats which will take you to Venice city center is located few minutes from the Arrival part of the airport. Once you exit from Arrival area you have to turn left and walk roughly 500 meters to reach the dock with the boats. If you have a lot of luggage try to find a porter who will put your bags on a trolley. If you have a lot of luggage you can also use self-service luggage trolleys ( you have to deposit one euro).

How to get from Venice airport to San Marco?

There are 2 main ways to do this:

  • Alilaguna Ferry
  • Private water taxi


You will find Alilaguna booth in the Arrival hall of Venice airport. Alilaguna is a private company operating ferries from airport to Venice center. Alilaguna has 4 lines operating from Marco Polo airport.

You can find the full list of all Alilaguna lines bellow. In case that you need quick information how to get from Venice airport to some of the famous locations in Venice this is a quick overview.

How to get from Venice airport to San Marco?

Answer: Use Alilaguna LINEA BLU or Alilaguna LINEA ROSSA.   You can check full details below.

How to get from Venice airport to Rialto?




Alilaguna Linea Blu starts from Marco Polo airport and ends on Terminal Crociere. Linea Blu stops also at San Marco square.This is a full list of Alilaguna Linea Blu stops.

  • AEROPORTO ( Marco Polo)
  • Murano Colonna
  • F.te Nove
  • Ospedale
  • Bacini
  • (Certosa)
  • Lido S.M.E.
  • Arsenale
  • San Zacaria
  • San Marco
  • Zitelle
  • Zattere
  • Molino Stucky


Linea Arancio also starts at Marco Polo airport but ends on S. Maria del Giglio. Linea arancio is convinent if you need to go from the Venice airport to Ponte Rialto. This is a full list of Linea Arancio stops.

  • Madonna dell Orto
  • Guglie ( Ferrovia)
  • San Stae
  • Rialto
  • S.Angelo
  • Ca Rezzonico


Linea Rossa connects Marco Polo airport with San Marco square via Murano.

This is a full list of Linea Rossa stops.

  • Murano Museo
  • Certosa
  • Lido S.M.E.


Alilaguna Linea Verde is excursion to islands Murano, Burano and Torcello. This excursion lasts 5 hours and starts at Giardinetti Reali, San Marco. Average stop on each Island is 40 minutes. First stop is Murano with its famous glass blowing workshops, after that 2nd stop is Burano and finally Torcello.

Price of Linea Verde excursion is 20 Eur per person.

How to get from Venice airport to Venice using private water taxi?

Private water taxi is probably the most convinent way to go to Venice city center. Unfortunately it also most expensive.
Private water taxi is something you want to consider if you are carrying a lot of heavy luggage. Embarking and disembarking Alliguna boats can be a little tricky if you have a lot of luggage, especially if you are older and not in great physical shape.

Another advantage of private water tax i breatheing view of the city. You will feel like a movie star or character from one of many movies about Venice. This is probably the most romantic way to go to Venice city center.

If you want to book private water taxi you can do that in Arrival Hall at Consorzio Motoscafi Venezia booth.

I recommend that you book private water taxi in advance. You can do that trough internet on following links:

Another way to find a private water taxi is to go to the same dock with Alilaguna boats.

Important note:

Always agree the price of the water taxi upfront. You can negotiate this price. Price depends on how many people, how many suitcases where is your hotel located etc. This is why it is important to agree on price before, just to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Private water taxi in Venice will cost in range 90-130 Euro. A lot of hotels have private dock area where water taxi will drop you off.
In most cases water taxi drivers will insist on cash payment. In case that you want to pay with credit card check this in advance and agree that with on of the companies above.

Airport Parking, where to park and how much it costs?

Marco Polo airport offers several very good options for parking. These options are divided into very short stays and long-term parking.

You can find the full list of different parking options at airport here. In case of long-term stay, parking at Venice airport will cost you from 10 Eur per day to 19 Eur per day. Parking price depends on the location of parking, whether it is covered or not and on duration.

 Hotels close to Venice airport


Hotels close to Marco Polo Airport

Hotels close to Marco Polo Airport

Unfortunately the choice of hotels near Venice airport is not very good. If you are used to big luxurious airport hotels like in Munich or Frankfurt airport you will be disappointed.  In case that you really need to stay in a hotel near airport in this is your best choice:

Best Western Titan Inn 

This is a 3 start hotel, it is located less than one kilometer from the airport. Hotel offers shuttle service to get you to the airport.

Courtyard by Marriot Venice Airport

This is a 4 star hotel, also located less than one kilometer from the airport. this hotel also offers shuttle service.

Antony Hotel

Another 4 star hotel with shuttle service. This one is also less than one kilometer from the airport.

Park Hotel Annia

4 star hotel very close to the airport. You can check the exact location of Park Hotel Annia on the map above.

Agroturismo CaDanieli

Another cheap and convenient option to stay near the airport.

Agroturismo CaTessera

Cheap Bed and Breakfast option close to the airport.

You can chek the location of all these hotels on the map above.